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Hi My Name is Mohamed, I’m an Engineering graduate From U.A.E "Abu Dhabi".I like taking photos. Also I listen to all kind of music for now I tend to listen to K-pop a lot. I also do some airbrushing on photos and edit them. I reblog stuff that I like on other websites and from my followers"I follow back if there are some common interest". I hope you like my page feel free to reblog, like and Ask me anything ….Best of luck and have nice day :D

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My blackberry bold 9900 -Wallpaper By me :D -
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My iphone <3
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my new screen hooked up with my mac and I’m in love with it …
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:D just came from mark & spencer sharing my snack with sis >.<
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Reading Tablo’s Book “Pieces of you”
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My sister blackberry cover give it a try on my bb :P
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My photo booth when I was 13 “game boy camera”
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cassettes that I used to listen to from “2000 to 2005” 
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close up of the room wall with water drops that comes from my A/C
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I just took this photo I got sick of this annoying A/C ….today I wake up and I was about to  slip u.u I need to fix it as soon as possible 
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just got Big Bang’s Special Edition Album the packaging is so cool looks like a DVD drive
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sleeping with me :P
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thanQ for making me awake till 3:00 AM -worth it- ♥♥♥♥
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TheFaceshop nail polish I wonder if there are some colors left in the shop >.<!
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That’s what happen when you are alone at home …. and no I didn’t try them XD “my sister laptop + nail polish”