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Hi My Name is Mohamed, I’m an Engineering graduate From U.A.E "Abu Dhabi".I like taking photos. Also I listen to all kind of music for now I tend to listen to K-pop a lot. I also do some airbrushing on photos and edit them. I reblog stuff that I like on other websites and from my followers"I follow back if there are some common interest". I hope you like my page feel free to reblog, like and Ask me anything ….Best of luck and have nice day :D

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Airbrushed Sandara park from 2NE1original 
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Hmm so I thought about changing and making a design for a hollywood actress and this is one of my favorite Dianna Agron natural beauty how u like it :)
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Daesung be strong … I know that being accused of killing someone is a hard thing but I still believe that you are strong because you  made me laugh when I was down thank you Daesung and R.I.P for the motorcyclist god help his family … 
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Jay park AKA Jaebeom my edit :)
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For little sister -.-!original picture 
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I was just messing around in adobe and I thought of using one brush on kahi “after school” hope u like it :P
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airbrush tae yang AKA SOL picture from big bang 
original picture
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As every friday afternoon it’s so boring so I decide to airbrush luna’s pic from F(x) and add her name I hope u like it ;)
 original picture
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I just finished making this wallpaper of hyuna my favorite member of 4minutes this girl can rap  :Dwallpaper 1280 x 800 
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I just finished designing this wallpaper 2ne1
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My second design hope u like it T.O.P :DDownload the wallpaper